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Know Your Pain

Body Aches

A person with generalized aches and pains has discomfort in multiple areas of the body. Usually, the discomfort is most prominent in the muscles and joints. Aches and pains are common during viral infections, such as colds.


There are different types of Headaches. Headaches caused by cold, insufficient sleep, traveling etc.. can be relieve by Our Quality Products such as Balms and ointment.


It has active ingredients which provide relief from headaches and cold related body pains. It has a soothing aroma which acts as a relaxant for your day to day stress.

Stiffness of Joints

Gentle massage of Strong balm on the forehead for headache or on the back for back pain will provide instant relief. The gentle massage helps in stimulating blood circulation in the affected area. Coolants in the balm have a soothing effect.

About Company

We are the producer of most effective, safe and natural product for quick and effective cure of Cough & cold, Pains, stiffness of joints. Ayurveda is the one of the oldest and trusted form of healthcare known to mankind. By using its theory, we have developed and established out products. The range of products produce by us like Pain balm, Cold Rub and Liniment, has earned the reputation of its own class in the domestic as well as in international market. The innovative nature and aroma of our products have gained wide acceptance across our entire satisfied customers. At Doshi Laboratories we believe to provide the best suitable solution for pain care management.

Vision & Mission

To Achieve leadership through knowledge, scientific innovation and customer service. To Develop products in response to the needs of the market.

Quality Control

We invest in quality. Product consistency and quality is of paramount importance to us. We have established standards for every input which is thoroughly tested accordingly. Our products are tested at every stage of the manufacturing process.

We have highly qualified and trained staff to carry out these tests. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our products which satisfy our millions of customers.